In facing to the social development and in aiming to meet daily higher and higher  in the Vietnam present life. Together with such development, that is the appearance of varied forms of services in which there is the Private detective service. Parallel with that, it is the integration of the world economy.

Saigon Detective Company is a pioneer in the detective field. Our company leaders are former police people who have experience and previously held important positions in  in investigation field in Vietnam. We always have a duty lawyer at the office for free consulting legal forms for  customers who use our  investigation services .

We can help any investigation requirements  for criminal, civil, commercial cases ... throughout Vietnam and Cambodia as well as internationally. Our staff are trained professionally, responsible and collaborators who are currently working in police stations are always ready to support any work required from us.

We are an official member of Vietnam's Detective Association . Vietnam's Detective Association is the only association and trusted by Vietnamese government to establish to protect the interests of customers inside the country and abroad. The Government has agreed to authorize the Association to approve and manage its members. We have been licensed to operate with certified common logo  for customer's identification.

So, feel free to contact us if you need assistance or require any investigation to all issues. With a reasonable cost, you can have the best performance. We are committed to keep all information confidential  as well as to protect the interests of customers with the most professional experts that our company is licensed to operate in Vietnam.